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N219 Nurtanio will be the most suitable mode of transportation to open, improve people economy growth, and to maintain defense and security in isolated areas.

N219 Nurtanio is a new generation multi-purpose aircraft, which is designed to carry 19 passengers with the largest cabin cross section of its class, the engine is proven and efficient, advanced avionics system, fixed tricycle landing gear, and wide cargo door to make it easier to change aircraft configuration. Thus, N219 Nurtanio is designed to provide the advantages to the operators from technical and economic aspects.

In addition to passenger transport configuration, N219 Nurtanio can also be fitted with appropriate equipment to fulfil various mission requirements such as Troop Transportation, Medical Evacuation configuration, Cargo Transportation, Surveillance and Search and Rescue (SAR).

  • Certification basis CASR 23, Commuter Category
  • Twin engine with 850 SHP each
  • Hot and high airfield capability
  • Short Take-off and Landing (STOL) operation
  • Take-off and landing on unpaved runway capabilities
  • Fixed landing gear
  • High wing configuration
  • Un-pressurized cabin
  • Advanced and modern avionics suite
  • Multi hop capability and quick change configuration
  • Passenger Transport
  • Troop Transport
  • Cargo/Logistic Transport
  • Medical Evacuation
  • Surveillance and patrolling
  • Search and Rescue
Maximum Take Off Weight (MTOW) : 7,030 Kg
Max. Landing Weight : 6,940 Kg
Max. Fuel Capacity : 1,600 Kg
Maximum Range with Maximum Fuel : 828 NM
Maximum Payload : 2,313 Kg
Take Off Distance : 435 m
Landing Distance : 509 m
Maximum Cruise Speed : 210 Kts
Economical Cruise Speed : 170 Kts
Stall Speed : 59 Kts
Range with 19 pax : 480 NM
Range at Max Fuel : 828 NM
Operating altitude : 10,000 ft
Ceiling Altitude : 24,000 ft
Engine: Two (2) Pratt & Whitney Aircraft of Canada Limited PT6A-42 with 850 SHP each  
Propeller:Hartzell 4-Blade Metal Propeller  


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