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CN295 is the trusted partner for military operations in remote areas and a rapid response aircraft for humanitarian missions. More than 95 aircrafts are in service with130,000 flying hours around the world.

CN295 provides higher availability, due to its high reliability and ease of maintenance. Airbus Defence & Space and PTDI offers Full In-Service Support with availability guaranteed by contract with Indonesian Air Force.

  • Specific Military Features Certified by INTA (Spanish Military Airworthiness Authority)
  • FAA FAR 25 Civil Certified
  • Large, unobstructed cargo cabin
  • Short Take-Off and Landing (STOL) distances on semi prepared runways
  • Independence from ground support
  • Excellent flying qualities
  • Lowest acquisition, operation and support costs
  • Transport of Troop
  • Transport of Cargo
  • Medical Evacuation
  • Aerial Delivery
  • Paratroops Dropping
  • Tactical Mission at Low Level Flight

Maximum Take-off Weight : 23,200 Kg
Maximum Landing Weight : 23,200 Kg
Maximum Payload* : 9,250 Kg
Usable Fuel Capacity : 7,500 Litres
Maximum Cruise Speed (TAS) : 260 Kts
Take Off run (ISA, S/L, 21,000 kg) : 670 m
Landing roll (ISA, S/L, 20,700 kg) : 320 m
Load Factor Limits : +3.0 g/-1.0 g
Range With maximum Payload (9,250 kg – 20,400 lb) : 700 NM
Range With 6,000 kg (13,200 lb) Payload : 2,000 NM
Range With 3,000 kg (6,600 lb) Payload : 2,500 NM
Ferry Range : 2,820 NM

Powered by two (2) PW-127G turboprop engines with 2,645 SHP each.

Since 2011 PTDI has an Industrial Collaboration with Airbus Defence & Space for CN295 program with the following work packages:

  • Final Assembly Line, Delivery center.
  • Aerostructure package: horizontal and vertical tail plane, rear fuselage.
  • Customer Support: Service Center dan Computer Based Training.


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