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On October 17, 1979, IPTN and CASA (now Airbus Defense & Space) established a new joint-venture company, Aircraft Technology (Airtech) to design the CN235. This new multi-purpose aircraft has a Short Take-Off and Landing (STOL) capability at 800 meters rugged airstrips, ramp door for out/coming goods easily, and low cost maintenance characteristics.

The first prototype “Elena” produced by CASA made the maiden flight on November 11, 1983 and the second prototype “Tetuko” produced by IPTN (now PTDI) flew for the first time on December 1983. The serial production began in 1986 for the 10 and 100 versions

Later on PTDI developed the improved version such as 110 and 220 versions; while Airbus Defense & Space with 200 and 300 versions. Nowadays, more than 300 CN235s have been produced in many versions with the latest two General Electric CT7-9C engines (each has 1,750 SHP).

In the collaboration for export purpose, PTDI produces outer wings, horizontal stabilizers, vertical fins and doors for Airbus Defense & Space; while Airbus Defense & Space produces disassembled noses, disassembled cockpit, and center wings for PTDI.

CN235-220 Civil

The well-proven CN235-220 are the lowest cost solution to meet the needs and requirements of various government and non-government organizations for the light-medium class of aircraft. CN235-220 is able to carry up to 4,700 Kg of maximum payload, or up to 36 passengers.

CN235-220 has gained vast experiences in commercial missions, civic missions, disaster relief missions, and any other non-military missions. The aircraft has been used widely in daily airlift missions (schedule and non-schedule), deployment and logistic support for peacekeeping forces, and any other ‘civic’ missions for the benefit of society.

CN235-220 Military Transport

Dirgantara Indonesia's CN235-220 Military transport aircraft has undergone various continuous improvements in design, engineering technology application, and manufacturing method in order to meet the highest quality standard as well as the demanding operational requirements for various challenging environments.

CN235-220 Special Mission

CN235-220 aircraft is a proven platform to perform broad spectrum of special missions including Search and Rescue (SAR), Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) control, marine pollution prevention and control, maritime surveillance and security, Anti-Surface Warfare (ASuW) and Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW).

From past experiences, a fully equipped CN235-220 MPA can endure over 11 hours maximum, while the time on station at 200 NM is over nine hours.

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